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Benefits of Hosting Your Website on the Cloud

Traditional Web Hosting

The main problem with traditional web hosting is the single point of failure (i.e. one dedicated server). If there is a hardware fault (a hard drive goes out) the entire machine is brought down until it is replaced. This can lead to hours of downtime creating widespread frustration and panic. Additional resources such as RAM have to be physically added, meaning if the server has a large traffic spike, the entire machine can begin to lag and redundancy is greatly reduced. Consider the following examples:

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

One physical machine virtualized into server “sub” machines. Each virtual server is used to have guaranteed resources. Multiple websites/businesses share on physical machine.

Dedicated Server

One physical machine completely dedicated to your websites/business. Often used for websites with high traffic or server intest applications.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud computing allows multiple physical machines to act as one system. Therefore with Cloud Web Hosting, visitors aren’t accessing just one machine. They’re accessing several instantaneously. More resources such as disk space, RAM, and computing power, can be added on the fly. Backups can be spun up instantly and websites can migrate seamlessly.

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    Premium Web Hosting Features Included For Free

    CloudLinux OS

    CloudLinux provides dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, I/O, etc.) per account to ensure your website is always running at maximum speed.

    LiteSpeed Web Server

    LiteSpeed Web Server is up to 10 times faster than Apache and is a drop-in replacement meaning your website will function the same.

    Cloudflare w/Railgun

    CloudFlare provides a global content delivery network and security features to help load your website with ease and provide protection.

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